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Martha Hackett, MD

Dr. Hackett has been practicing family medicine for over 30 years.  While caring for her patients in a conventional manner, Dr. Hackett developed an interest in alternative healing practices.  Dr. Hackett created a holistic healing center to address chronic conditions, like scoliosis.  In her scoliosis clinic, Dr. Hackett oversees a non-surgical treatment for correcting spinal deformities.

Ellen Condren, JD, DD

Ellen Condren has been practicing energy healing for over 10 years.  To address her own children's medical conditions, Ellen walked away from her background in law and directed her attention toward energy medicine.  As a result, she has developed a successful practice of reversing a variety of conditions involving the mind, body and spirit.  Ellen now specializes in supporting the body's innate healing wisdom within the nervous system and connective tissues in order to correct the imbalances of spinal deformities such as scoliosis.

Laura Dugan, CPT, NKT

Laura Dugan began as a certified ACSM trainer 35 years ago and later incorporated active isolated stretching to help clients build muscle strength and achieve flexibility.  Realizing that each individual presents with unique alignment issues, Laura sought training in Neurokinetic Therapy.  She now possesses the ability to identify and correct specific muscular weaknesses in order to support the spine for her clients with scoliosis.

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